Welcome Back! (Belatedly)

Good Morning all!

Apologies for the late start to the year, but we are up and running and I have found some expert writers within the year group who wish to blog anonymously. Here is their first post of many this year!

Welcome back year 10s! We’re six weeks in now, and the beginning of your GCSE journey has begun. The next two years are extremely important, and though they may be tough, persistence and a good work ethic will get us all through. Hopefully, by the end of it, we’ll become mature and respectful young adults.

  • This year we have a few new members of the year staff team which we’d like to welcome. They are Mr Gillett who has taken over from Miss Etheridge as a tutor. Mrs Gillett is also attached to our year team.
  • Make sure to check out the new PE/Music and Art Department Extra Curricular timetable, as there may be new and exciting opportunities to get involved.

Duke Of Edinburgh

A new opportunity given to year 10s this year is the Duke of Edinburgh awards. This is an experience where students will have to volunteer, learn/improve a skill, partake in sporting activities, as well as a two day assessed hike in the New Forest. The first meeting was held a few weeks ago where we watched the year 11 present their experience and finding as the finished the final step of this incredible journey. Congrats to all the Year 11 who completed DofE and we hope all year 10 who are participating will have learned something from the Year 11.

We wish you all the best for the year!

With only a few days till October half-term, I can’t believe we’re already a 6th of the way through the year. It all gone so quickly. Hope everyone has a nice week off and feels refreshed when they come back for another great half-term.

Welcome Back!

Good Morning all!

Welcome back everyone to Year 9 at Priestlands! We have now settled back into getting up early in the morning, making sure we are wearing the correct uniform and getting to school on time and completed our first two weeks back. I hope everyone had an amazing break and after the initial shock of being back, are feeling ready to take on the challenge of Year 9.

I am really impressed with the attitude and effort presented by the year group in both their concentration in class and their presentation in uniform and behaviour. It is only the very small minority who need to work on this before we are at 100% fantastic-ness!!!

I am hope everyone has had a chance to peruse the extra curricular activities information both on pupil post and the website and are starting to get involved at Priestlands in different ways. I think this is a really important part of feeling part of a wonderful place like Priestlands and an opportunity to relax and do something fun, for free!

We are already working on getting our plans ready for Christmas as this year we will be hosting the Christmas Tea Party for local senior citizens and our charity week is in early December. We are currently voting on our year charity and hope to be able to announce this next week!

Have a great weekend!


Origami Challenge

So….. we set the year group a challenge on Wednesday morning. Teach themselves the art of origami and produce the best design. Here are some of the most amazing results:


Please see attached our origami making. The students wanted to incorporate our house (Solent) into the theme so they have made various sea creatures such as crabs, whales with other interesting ones too! I encouraged them to be creative! Sophie created a family of swans, starting with a large one and going down to a very small baby one, which was about 1cm tall! Lucy had the idea of placing blue paper on the desk to make a sea background. 

made the butterfly, star and bird, the detail was amazing. All students were engaged and involved and it was so much fun! Enjoy all the pictures!


This morning, 8JDB went for the ‘destruction of rainforests’ approach with their origami. We created a grand total of 613 origami foxes between us, and I attach some photos of their creation.


Toby Chen 8LAE

We have found out Toby has some hidden talents and we would like to say congratulations and well done as Toby has recently won a  gold medal in Sanda (Chinese fighting) and a gold medal in Shaolin! Fantastic work Toby and here are some photos of Toby in action and receiving his awards!


Phew! Charity week update so far…

I hope everyone has recovered after a really exciting, busy and challenging charity week! We have already raised £740 from all of the events held at lunchtimes last week and with the ‘Wear a hat for Headway’ day on Wednesday. We expect the total to increase as more funds come in.

As well as raising monies, raising awareness is also just as important and we have done that with so many pupils being involved – we are just ‘totting’ up numbers and will report back soon, but tutors are really excited to report how many of their tutor groups were involved in the process of making charity week a roaring success.

I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to all of the year 8 pupils and the fantastic tutors for their support and energy last week! Well done all!